Staccato, Pithy Holiday Thoughts of 2013

Here are more staccato, pithy Christmas thoughts (two years later).

-Christmas is better when served cold. Having to turn the A/C on is just wrong.
-In ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ when the lyrics say, “The ox and lamb kept time…” I replace the lyrics with “thee Oxenham kept time…” and then I tap my foot.
-Christmas is a crash course in logistics planning.
-When you’re Italian, cooking is a Christmas tradition and the main event. Most everything else is an afterthought.
-It’s (still) amazing that a time of year can make everyone more thoughtful, caring and merry.
-Being around authentic people is an experience beyond parallel. I highly recommend it.
-Wine is the new (and trendy) low-cal beer substitute.
-It’s (still) more enjoyable to give than it is to receive. Not that receiving is all that bad.
-Without salt a dish can change from delectable to an unappetizing. I’m looking at you unsalted mashed potatoes.
-Christmas (still) shows people’s depth (or the lack thereof).


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