The Inaugural Post

An inaugural post feels like the hardest one. I must put an explanation out there, however, because I have recieved so many questions as to the theme of this blog. Apparently it isn’t self explanatory enough.

If one happens to be a cheese enthusiast, a dairy addict or even a fanatic of fresh vegetables, it is readily apparent that (as with most things in life) the best way to discover authentic goodness is to go straight to the source: cheese straight out of the cheese press, milk straight from the cow, greens straight from the meadows. Pick up a self-help book,  talk to your best friend, watch the channel 7 news and what you’ll end up receiving is truth, but in various forms. You’ll get sugar coated truth, twisted truth, even malformed truth — yet if one is a truth seeker, this simply will not do.

It is with this individual in mind that I have created Farm Grown Cynicism, a blog which brings you 100% fresh pure truth with no bull, no sugar coating and no twisting. No rBSt if you know what I mean.

May the freshness win you over.


One response to “The Inaugural Post

  1. Nice little opening post. i was going to make a snide
    remark about how nasty organic food is when it has little bugs all
    over it and goes bad early…but you make a good point.

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